Wednesday, April 28, 2010

manti at sunset

the fam and i took a sunday road trip to the manti temple this last january and i quite enjoy them so i thought you might too.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my little lady

who would've thunk that my quaint little town had rodeo grounds? cutest rodeo grounds i've ever seen. there are no bleachers, so to watch the whatnots, everyone brings blankets and sits on the lawn that is raised higher than the dirt field. the cutest wildflowers were blossoming in the livestock holding area. (husband informed me that this is because when the animals poo, the seeds that they eat and extract (for lack of a better word) are allready fertilized (duh) and so come spring... poop flowers. yay!

Monday, April 26, 2010

spring blossoms

i live literally on the same street that leads to orchards. lots and lots of orchards. the fam and i went for a 4 wheeling drive (we can do that here) and i took the opportunity to snap some of the gorgeousness. they make me happy. i may even frame some of these bad boys. (hmmm, more like sweet lady's)

the concrete marine

at a local cemetery there is a gorgeous shrine of statues for all the men and women that serve.
my brother (and cousin) are us marines and currently my bro is in afghanistan (couz is in japan) so i took these for them and every other devil dog out there. ooh rah.

park time

with my two year old.

oh hello

i found this little guy just chillin. waiting to be noticed. i noticed! its amazing the gems you find whist on random drives in the countryside of utah. (okay, middle of nowhere all right?! yes, i basically, (sort of) live in the middle of nowhere)
gorgeous tree but i liked the vertically stacked wood. it reminds me of phenomenon (with john travolta) and there may be a portuguese speaking kid  hidding out in there. (please no)

sweet looking hinge, no?
this collage (or triptych for the photographer lingo knowledge holders) was taken at midway inn. yes, i know what you're thinking. bright colors would have made this baby pop; but the hubs and i went there for a weekend getaway (winkwink) and so for us it was soothing and chill so my triptych had to reflect that.
now, i am by no means, a "dark or sad or deathy" person. nothing wrong with those peeps- just claiming its not me. i was on another random drive one day and past a super old cemetery and just had to take a look. gorgeous possibilities for my camera and i. it was very calm and peaceful (okay, maybe a tad creepy and haunting) but very serenely beautiful.