Monday, April 26, 2010

oh hello

i found this little guy just chillin. waiting to be noticed. i noticed! its amazing the gems you find whist on random drives in the countryside of utah. (okay, middle of nowhere all right?! yes, i basically, (sort of) live in the middle of nowhere)
gorgeous tree but i liked the vertically stacked wood. it reminds me of phenomenon (with john travolta) and there may be a portuguese speaking kid  hidding out in there. (please no)

sweet looking hinge, no?
this collage (or triptych for the photographer lingo knowledge holders) was taken at midway inn. yes, i know what you're thinking. bright colors would have made this baby pop; but the hubs and i went there for a weekend getaway (winkwink) and so for us it was soothing and chill so my triptych had to reflect that.
now, i am by no means, a "dark or sad or deathy" person. nothing wrong with those peeps- just claiming its not me. i was on another random drive one day and past a super old cemetery and just had to take a look. gorgeous possibilities for my camera and i. it was very calm and peaceful (okay, maybe a tad creepy and haunting) but very serenely beautiful.

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John said...

You have an eye that I could only wish for.

I hope this turns out well for you, people would have to be blind not to appreciate these.

Sinclair is my favorite, after Taevea.