Saturday, May 1, 2010

old... everything.

took a drive to eureka, utah today and woah baby. "the town time forgot" is an understatement. it is an old mining town that closed shop circa 1890. there are still people living there though and by the looks of it, the newest thing in that town is an lds church on main street. go figure, huh? they had old mining equipment just laying around everywhere. in some of the abandoned buildings there were vintage cars and a forgotten fire truck. i can't even venture how old they were but they were awesome. if the windows weren't so dirty, i would have loved to snap some pictures. i was drawn to the texture, the peeling paint, the doors, just about everything that was old. very old.

these cute guys weren't in eureka. they actually live two doors down from me. luckily their "stink" generally blows in the opposite direction of my little abode. :)

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