Tuesday, November 9, 2010

look who's ONE!

ellie had an incredible first birthday party.  
hosted and decorated by the talented and oh so stylish, mama of the baby, michelle. you may remember her from this shoot and her younger baby (then) from here.
the vintage whimsy and homemade desserts along with the cutest birthday cake ever, made for a super sweet day and i was honored to capture it.
i love every single decoration (or art rather) to death, but this adorable centerpiece is my absolute favorite. all flowers were made from fabric and scrapbook paper with simple floral wire. i need to take a tutorial from you michelle!
happy birthday ellie!


Anonymous said...

this is very cute!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

So you totally don't know me, but I have friends that are fans of you on Facebook which led me to the blog and this stinking adorable party. Totally random, and I know you probably don't know but any idea where she got those stripey straws? I've been looking all over for some.