Friday, February 18, 2011

almost three years young.

with my lady's birthday just around the corner, I of course, wanted to get some milestone photos in...
you're probably like, "yeah, sure she's cute but whats
with the sunglasses in every shot?"
you see, my girl didn't inherit much from me other than a resemblance to want to control all most situations...
and a total and constant need to wear sunglasses
if the sun is present.
yes, she has inherited my retinas.

these will always make me smile.
she breezes through her random emotional upsets if the wind gets to brisk and relishes in the game of trying to 'catch me', without ever losing her grip on her
trusty crackers...
all is well in toddler-hood land. :)


Stephanie said...

She gets more adorable every day! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Dean and Rachel said...

What a CUTIE!!! We need family pics done...well after I get my hair done:) Up for another round?