Monday, April 4, 2011

lana & rylan's country love {engagements}

what is it about a gorgeous couple, farmland, and a cowboy hat that just makes me smile... and want to edit (almost) every picture to black and white? there's something so romantic about a cowboy hat in black and white-- and i'm not even a country girl! well, something about all this is what. enjoy.


Dean and Rachel said...

Gorgeous! LOVE THEM:)

*Lana* said...

Brynn. You ROCK girl! Thanks so much. These look amazing!

Roylance Fam said...

Brynn u are so incredibly talented!!! nothing is ever the same..each shoot is so unique and vibrant!!! I love following ur work..keep it up and ull be making millions someday!!!;) people across the country will wanna have brynn jolley capture all their most special events....awesome job, sista!!!