Monday, May 2, 2011

jessica & stu {wedding day!}

Jessica and Stu's big day was perfect- freezing cold/snow and all. Since I had an obscene amount of favorites, I decide to overload this post just so you can truly understand how special this wedding really was. I'll let Jessica's own words lead you in:

"Well, I grew up with trees, imaginary friends, flowered crowns and muddy dresses ...a whimsical world I guess you could say, so I wanted nothing less for my wedding.
Planning our wedding started with me having no clue what colors I wanted, I only new I wanted alot of color, and wanted the same easy, happy, and naturally non-traditional look that I love. The colors came finally by going to stores and looking at flowers and placing them together.. mustard yellow, quoral pink, mild blue and moss green - colorful and all the right natural spring/bright/earthy colors that I love.
I wanted the wedding to be full of enjoyment for everyone- the theme was - COME BE HAPPY-  So I wanted people involved, feeling the love and happiness.
We had books on every table where guests could give marriage advice, creative dates, and even baby name ideas. I had all the little girls who came wear flower crowns so they could feel apart of it and when I threw my bouquet I made them all into smaller flower bouquets so not just one girl  but many of the girls could get flowers.
Two of my favorite parts of the day were me and Stuarts first dance and the song I dedicated to my mom. I wrote a song for my Mom and sang it to her-- I wanted her to feel appreciated and I was tired of how only the Daddy/Daughter dance really shows the appreciation and love to the parents, but the mom does as much or more for the wedding. So I wrote her a song and tears were flowing down her face and I could tell she was touched.
Then after my Dad and I danced it was Stuart's and I first dance.  We came together all serious like we were about to have this moment when all of the sudden Earth, Wind, and Fire blasted on and we shook it for the crowd. Everyone laughed and clapped, the best sound of the night- happiness!
Kristin Basset, my wedding planner, went above and beyond with putting everything together----she did EVERYTHING.  She caught my look and I know that without her it wouldn't have been the wedding I always dreamed of."

Jessica would like to thank:
"I don't know why but somehow I was lucky and born into a place with all these amazing people revolving around me:
First my wedding planner (and good friend) Kristin bassett (resides in Orem, Utah), 801-378-1393. This is a gift for her, I will tell you. Wish I could wrap her up and take her with me everywhere- could you imagine the birthday parties?
And then my Uncle (yes folks, I am some how related to this amazing man, who looks better then everyone in all the pictures :)) He did an amazing job on my hair and makeup and was able to bring the effortless , natural look that I love. He is very well known in his area of hair and beauty and has done hair and makeup for many top stars. He resides in Las Vegas (graciosly came down for my wedding) you can find him here -
The last beautiful angel in my list of friends who helped make my wedding blissful- friend and neighbor Jennifer Keith (who lives in Orem, Utah) she has been doing flowers from her home buisness forever and has done all my flowers for my dances so of course I had to ask her to do mine for my wedding. Her number is 801-226-1701."

Reception place: Wadley Farms (Lindon, Utah)


Jessica Swain said...

my goodness.... what a gift you have. Looking at all my pictures all together the way you did, brought me back to that night. It was special wasnt it? Thank you fo being there and catching every last moment I could hope for... brynn... you brought sunniness to my wedding! Thanks again! YOU ROCK- YA!

Shannon said...

Hi, this is Jessica's mom. Wow, the pictures turned out wonderful and you captured the feelings of the day. I hope you are around when my other girls get married. I will recommend you to everyone. The happiness that shows in Jessica and Stuart's faces is and forever will be my favorite memory. Thank you all of your hard work.
Shannon Swain