Monday, July 18, 2011

the lovely michelle {lavender fields}

i am in the process of launching my first official website {muy excited!} and in doing so i have been going through some of my first sessions. my first edits weren't all awful persay, but they were definitely an experimental phase. you can't just find your voice the first day on the job. my eye is always changing, always learning. i feel that now i am more comfortable all around and the way i edit has to be consistent and overall, what i want. if i love my images, i'm sure that my lovely clients will as well.

here is the beautiful michelle. she's made her appearance on my blog a year ago and i wanted to re-edit our session because she deserves to be seen in a prettier light if you will.

don't forget to check out michelle's little angel doin her cute thing in the lavender fields, here.

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