Monday, December 31, 2012

Feather Love Photography Workshop | San Diego

It's New Years Eve and I am a 'Masta Procrastinata'. What does this mean? That I have no plans tonight? Well yes, but that's beside the point. I have decided that six months is more than enough time for a drum roll and I want to finally post my experience and images from this past June’s Photography Workshop hosted by the oh so inspiring, and just plain stupefying, Noa Azoulay Sclater. The face behind Feather Love Photography. 

The beautiful Sarah, a good friend and former bride of mine was my travel buddy, roommate, and overall fun sharer.  We are still elated by our Feather Love experience.

When I first came across Noa’s work, I was a believer. I craved, I loved, I envied. I knew I wanted to feel about my work, the way I felt about hers. Noa is an artist. I am still on the path to discovery. I am trying to find my voice, and the goal is to let that voice be heard. Sarah and I walked into Noa’s magical home with our sponge hats on, ready to soak everything up. We came away fulfilled with knowledge, new friends, captured moments, amazing food, and overall, this sense of continuity in beauty. What I mean is, that we all desired the fuel to feed the fire. In our work and in our lives, and it was utterly refreshing to come across so much honesty and passion.  

As the New Year approaches, I will strive to be honest with myself. I will embrace my dream world and keep the outside world out. I will focus and listen to the signs. I will put in the work to create the art. I will go to work every single day and when creativity strikes, I will be ready for it. I will find the muse in all the universal chaos.

A HUGE thank you to:
Noa, you beautiful beast.
Gjelina for the food! Oh the food...
Chloe Aftel for being a poloroid godess.
Anne Sage for the skype session.
Workshop Sponsors:

Sarah Sanguin Carter
Model, actress, musician.
She is the epitomy of beauty and her energy just radiated.
Check out her facebook and to listen to one of her songs (a personal favorite) go here. 

See that excellent black and white Polaroid? I took it!
My first Polaroid and definitely not my last.