Thursday, March 22, 2012

water color on the mountain {central utah photographer}

my little lady has made her appearance quite a few times on this blog, i know.
i can't help it. i'm an MWAC. a "mom with a camera".
that's how i got started and i'm proud of it.
nothing inspires me more than my daughter, and you create when you're inspired, don't you?
over the years, being self taught, i have struggled to find my voice in photography but as i was just letting my lady do her thing on this gorgeous mountain, giving direction here and there, i realised that this is what i love. this truly full fills me and it was only confirmed as i was editing later and thought to myself : "these are probably my favorite pictures i have ever shot of her." 
that makes me smile. 
the sun i have been trying to capture is finally shining through.


Christy said...

Brynn, you are a master photographer!!! And of course your subject is beautiful as well:)

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

these are INSANE!!! her outfit, the props, the location...i want to do another shoot with you sometime! :) xoxo